Synchronicity and Real Magic

I am a bit unique within the realm of Magicians as I believe in real actual Magic, meaning that occurrences beyond the norm are something I pay attention to and those odd synchronicity moments that go way beyond coincidence are indeed something, I believe, that transcends mundane explanations. Of course I understand why most Magicians don't believe in the more mysterious aspects, since they spend so much time with illusion and deception. Yet the obvious insight provided by Quantum Mechanics states that *everything* is energy and everything IS connected. This seems to be ignored by so many in my profession. They are so focused on trickery that they fail to see, or experience, the deeper, more mysterious aspects of life.

I have been plagued by synchronicity all of my life. Seeing 11:11 on digital clocks and digital printouts since about 1989 (before any connection with the internet). At times I am plagued by the "SLIder" effect (Street light interference phenomenon) regardless of where I am driving. I often know what someone is going say before they say it and I have an uncanny ability to sometimes affect digital devices and electronics, such as watches and computers. I get amazing flashes of insight, see orbs and mysterious shadows and have really weird connections. Researches, such as Charles Fort and John Keel, have peeked behind the curtain in their investagations. I invite you to also peek behind the curtain. Allow yourself to be more open and more aware of synchronicity. You never know where it may lead.

Synchronicity Obscura

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