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Haunted Mentalism Parties!

I have started performing Haunted Mentalism Parties and Mystical Seances in my town of Matthews and in and around the Charlotte, NC area. All for great fun! An adventurous evening of the esoteric and mysterious. Fun for adults in groups of six or more. A wonderfully haunted time had by all. Think of Vincent Price, Poe, Blackwood. Things that go bump in the night. Such things as gossamer dreams are made of with wisps of dark shadows...

Mind reading, mystery boxes, voodoo dolls, the enchanted gingerbread man, the haunted Tarot, the books from the insane asylum and the long forgotten circus, the Dreadful Deaths cads, the mystery notes and so much more...

Contact me now to schedule!

Mark Obscura Haunted Mentalism Parties Charlotte NC Clt 704

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