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Mark Obscura Circus Magic

Mark Obscura -The Full Story

World Class ‘Magical Mystery Artist’ Mark Obscura presents his unique mental mystery entertainment show: Magical Mysteries of The Obscure.  "My specialty is mixing close up magic and vintage-styled mentalism with Hypnosis and Illusion."  Mark has performed in Miami, the East Coast, Mexico, and beyond...

Witness Obscura move objects with his mind, Demonstrate ESP and mindreading, Hypnotize audience members to perform amazing acts, subliminally implant information into the minds of the audience, figure out the number someone is thinking about, and even cause someone to temporarily lose the ability to read! 

From actual Hypnosis, Mentalism and mind reading to impossible thought presentations, to mystifying and Magical demonstrations.  Magical Mysteries of The Obscure delivers a quite unique and unparalleled Magic, Mentalism and Hypnosis experience guaranteed to leave even the most discerning audiences astonished.

 I will help you transform your special event into something truly extraordinary. An event to remember!  My presentation is engaging, fun and sometimes hilarious. Refreshingly different, you'll remember it for years, whether you participate or watch!


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