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Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator Magician and My Thoughts on the Weirdness.

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As a Mentalist / Magician in a modern world, I am somewhat of a black sheep in that I believe in the possibility of ESP related phenomena and in the "paranormal". I have experienced many strange things in my life and have been forced into this belief system by the preponderance of said evidence. It would be dishonest for me to pretend otherwise. My own experiences include flashes of ESP, Out-of-Body-Experience, temporally opening the "Third Eye", encountering a Fae, encountering other intelligent and quite unusual entities, experiencing the "SLIder" effect and 11:11 to a profound degree (even pre internet use), experiencing "hauntings" experiencing a "Close Encounter" and being plagued by synchronicity to the extent that I have even considered the possibility that we live in a Matrix.

I understand why many Magicians try to debunk the supernatural and psychics. In many cases, it is quite subjective. How can one prove that they had an Out-of-Body-Experience. A personal experience becomes an anecdote. The history of psychics contains a tremendous history of fraud. Through the ages, Magicians realized that their methods were being used for deception. But, does that mean that all supernatural events are fake? 

During the late 1970s through the early 1990s I was a paranormal investigator in the Miami area. I continue to perform minor investigations even today. I didn't write books, have a TV show, or do very many lectures (though I did a few radio interviews back in the day). People knew of me due to friends of friends and various occult - metaphysical groups in Miami at the time. There is one pattern in my research and encounters that kept manifesting. Something of profound interest. This is what seems to be a Multi-Dimensional aspect to just about every paranormal experience, including UFO's and Bigfoot. Anomalous Phenomena seems to pop in and out of existence.

Most UFO hunters seem to be looking for ET. I personally think this is a very limited view. When you look at the larger scope of reports in all of their detail, even many of the most famous cases, such as Betty and Barney Hill, describe paranormal aspects, like poltergeist activity. Often times, "UFO's" are seen in conjunction with Bigfoot, "ghosts", large black dogs or cats with glowing red eyes and other unusual manifestations. They are often accompanied with psychic insight, hearing voices, hearing the sound of babies crying, growling, etc. Some cases are simply a cornucopia of activity, as in Point Pleasant, the Skinwalker Ranch and surrounding areas, Chestnut Ridge, etc. For these reasons (and the fact that UFO's often exhibit ridicules antics like chasing cars), I believe they are paranormal in nature. Multi-Dimensional or Multi-Reality.

Does this mean that I don't believe in ET. Not at all. I am a firm believer that intelligent life is out there somewhere. The universe is simply too vast. But that intelligent life is not spending time and resources to come visit us and, crash. Or, come and visit us and chase cars, kick a Bigfoot out of a saucer, or visit us and then begin telling us it comes from Venus, Mars, etc. These are all games the non-people play, as John Keel says. This Phenomena as complex as it seems to be, also appears at time to operate at the level of a 5 year old child. Playing games and tricks that really don't make sense to a discerning adult. Of course I am not presenting any new material here. John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Dr. Allen Hynek, Terence McKenna, Dr. Richard Strassman, Janet Bord and others have at times come to a similar conclusion. Most notably, assessing the patterns that are similar to documented Fairie sightings.

Does that mean that ET has never visited us? Hard to tell. I would love to see actual proof that they have visited, or are visiting. Right now, it seems that we are being played for a fool. It is interesting that just about every culture around the world have legends of Trickster Spirits or Gods. The tricks they play can be extremely silly. Would anyone like a pancake? 

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